Hi! I’m Larry Pettit, President of Carillon Financials Corporation and Pettit Consulting, P.C.

2021 was a difficult year for many businesses. In the ERP industry, one of the biggest challenges since the onset of Covid has been training. With travel restrictions being prevalent, onsite training at some of our clients, especially our international clients, has become problematic. We still prefer onsite one-on-one training, but it was obvious another option was needed.

At Carillon ERP, we had already started moving our internal training to Adobe Captivate Prime prior to Covid attacking the business world. This interactive hands-on training platform allows our employees to access training from anywhere in the world they can get an Internet connection.

There are still a lot of training courses to be made, but we decided to open our internal training programs to everybody, for a ridiculously low price. For as little as $79 per month, you can have your employees have the same interactive hands-on training that we give our employees INCLUDING a full working copy of the Carillon ERP programs and database. This isn’t $79 per course. You can access all of the courses we’ve made available, to take as many times as you want, for as low as $79 per month. Of course, the copy of the Carillon ERP programs and database is for educational purposes only.

Completion of the first course allows the subscriber to become an Authorized Consultant at no additional cost. At that point you are allowed to use the Authorized Consultant logo and you even get a pretty nice crystal for your desk.

I can’t promise the price will stay this low, it won’t. But I will agree to not raise the price for current subscribers for the first three years of their subscription.

If you ever had a desire to learn how an ERP system works, I believe this is the best and most economical way to do it. Download the Adobe Captivate Prime application form and let us get you set up so you can start learning how an ERP system works.